About MUY

A gallery dedicated to Mayan and Zoque art

What does “-muy” mean? In Tsotsil “-muy” is the verb-root for taking pleasure, or having fun.

Galería MUY is located in San Cristobal de Las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico.

We feature objects and works by Mayan and Zoque artists of Chiapas. MUY is a space for all manner of graphic, multimedia and performance production by established and emerging “Fourth World” creators.

Guest artists from other parts of the world are periodically invited to collaborate in exhibits, workshops, as well as participate in the MUY residency program.

MUY has a program of itinerant exhibits showing contemporary work of Indigenous artists in Tsotsil, Tseltal, Zoque and other townships in Indigenous Chiapas. The Gallery has a growing collection of the finest pieces of Mayan and Zoque contemporary art. Finally, MUY publishes materials, including artists’ books, poetry, fanzines, as well as printing engravings and silk screens.

Our Team

John Burstein

John Burstein W.


As gallery owner and promoter of contemporary indigenous arts projects, Burstein directs the Galería MUY, and manages public relations, as well as coordinating the curatorial activities of the MUY.Burstein, trained as a cultural anthropologist, worked for decades in development projects in Chiapas and elsewhere.

Martha Alejandro

Martha Alejandro

Assistant to the Director

Martha Alejandro (born in Rayón, Chiapas in 1988), works in the MUY Gallery as an Assistant Director, with multiple responsibilities: opening coordination and events with the development of room sheets, the artistic journey, and accounting assistant. Martha has been knowledgeable about Zoque contemporary art for many years. Alejandro graduated in Tourism Management and Development from the Technological University of La Selva in Rayón, Chiapas.

Josué Gómez

Josue Gómez

Communications specialist

Gómez, a native Tsotsil-speaker, is a computer engineer, with a bachelor’s degree from the Technological Institute of Institute of Comitán, Chiapas; he maintains the web page, Facebook and all communications systems at the MUY. Gómez is also a professional carpenter, designing and building needed spaces in the gallery.

Francisco Corso

Francisco Corso

Maintenance and gardner

Corso is responsible for the upkeep of the buildings and creation of the grounds of the Galería MUY, and assists in developing arts spaces at the gallery.