Muralist, street artist, painter

Yabteclum, Chenalhó, Chiapas, 1989

Dyg’nojoch (Jorge Abel Pérez Rodríguez) is author of some of the most engaging street art of San Cristóbal, as well as of Mexico City and elsewhere in the country.  There are also murals of his authorship in Acteal, Kexalucum and Chitamukum, Altamirano, Ocosingo, Comitán, Tuxtla Gutiérrez and Tapachula. He prefers to stay anonymous, since he uses technology as little as possible.

[Continuation of text after presentation of works]

Dyg’ (wind) nojoch (cosmos) is his artist’s name. He was born in the Tsotsil-speaking township of Ch’enalhó, and understands the language, though he does not speak it fluently. Dyg’no moved with his family to San Cristóbal de Las Casas when he was a young boy, and came of age as an urbanite from the outskirts of San Cristóbal. He has a multicultural identity, as have thousands of other “urban Indigenous” people today.

Coloring public spaces is his hobby, “because it is not privatized and everyone can see it, old and young, rich and poor”.

“That is why I prefer to paint a wall, even though they do not pay me thousands,” he laughs.

He uses his graphic art to give life to his political activism. Dyg’nojoch explores themes of indigenous struggle, environmental problems due to the exploitation of nature, while using dreamy characters and organic forms, complemented with Mayan and national Mexican symbolism.