Humberto Gómez

Video-artist, writer

San Andrés Larráinzar, Chiapas, 1988

A videographer, Humberto Gomez directed Vayijeletik-Animal protectors, a short film about the dreams of the weaver mother and nahual, the faun spirit protector and guide in the mountains, who in this case is a jaguar that is revealed to Doña Martha as she sleeps. The nahual generates unpleasant experiences, because when it appears impossible to control.

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He continued his work with jlumal-Sat yelov, “Faces of my People”, which documents the interference of urban and rural societies, historical material, and ideological consumption.

“The new eating habits, lack of use of language and religion have not only changed the relationships between grandparents with grandchildren but generated a division among them; and forgetting the man-nature relationship, the practice of lekil kuxlejal is abandoned by a globalized world fragmenting our coexistence with the natural environment.”

“The work presents cultural knowledge and tsotsiles’ thoughts about changing their social life from a retrospective their experiences and their perception of now. Currently it is under production of his first feature, Jvabajom- Musician.

It is also a producer and translator tsotsil- Spanish and Spanish-Tzotzil children’s programs for Channel 10 Chiapaneco System Radio, Television and Film. Attends the seventh semester of the career of Intercultural Communication in the Intercultural University of Chiapas.