Procession of art in the jungle

As a continuation of the workshops that had been carried out previously in the small town of Francisco Villa in the jungle of Ocosingo, Chiapas, a series of activities was carried out for young people and children who have always enthusiastically received the proposal of the artists of the Gallery VERY. On this occasion, it began with a talk to motivate attendees to experiment with the materials that are part of the jungle environment. For the first activity, different shades of clays, flowers, leaves, charcoal, among other elements that can be useful to trace or generate stains, were gathered. In the second moment, some materials commonly used for painting were shared and in the third moment, both groups of materials were mixed so that children and young people could make some pictorial pieces or simply lose their fear of the material. As a result, a great variety of drawings and paintings made on dirty paper were obtained, some expressed the landscapes that surround them, other animals and plants typical of the jungle, some portraits and other scenes of daily life. It is necessary to mention that some works stood out among the others for their exquisite use of materials, giving rise to an award for the three best works. At the end of the artistic exercise with the children, all the resulting pieces were hung on a thread, combining them with works by the artists of the MUY Gallery, this to inspire the children to continue working but also to see the number of forms of expression that the materials. Subsequently, all the attending children held the thread walking through the main streets of the town, to share with the adult population the results they obtained in the workshop.