Local residents

Current residencies

Maruch Méndez

Tsotsil, painting and clay

During her residency, Maruch embarks on a dramatic process of transforming her aesthetic as a embroiderer (shepherdess, religious authority, and more) into large-scale acrylic paintings, and into clay figures traditionally fired with wood or charcoal. Meanwhile, Méndez makes his artistic expression interpretable in contemporary terms through “performance”, with his distinctive poetic and religious chants, and narrative exposition in the classic style of his Chamula community.

Darwin Cruz

Ch'ol, painter

During his residency at GaleMUY, Darwin has delved deeper into the content of his realistic-style works, increasingly exploring the dignity of diversity in communities and engaging in decolonial activism. He has also explored new mediums for his paintings, transitioning from canvas to charred wood.

PH Joel

Tseltal, ceramic and painting

Conducting original research on natural materials from the Selva region (his native region) and renewed classical Mayan techniques, Joel develops a series of painted ceramic objects. Additionally, he contributes to the conceptualization of contemporary indigenous art by actively engaging in reflection and critique of appropriation and other cutting-edge topics in contemporary indigenous art.


Past residencies

P.T'ul Gómez

Tsotsil, clay and painting

During his residency, P.T’ul pioneered an original blend of traditional-urban management, apprenticing with both Maruch Méndez (a Chamula artist) and Jerónimo Morquechua (a mestizo artist). This approach was based on research with elders concerning important motifs in the worldview and history of his hometown, San Andrés Larraínzar. Additionally, P.T’ul dedicated over two years to a community art project involving workshops for children and youth on clay usage, in the Ch’onobyakilo’ community within the same town.

Saúl Kak

Zoque, painter, multimedia, video

With a significant background in painting, performance, and video, Saúl designed a residency at GaleMUY that fostered the development of a multimedia project centered around “self-inquiry” and “territorial defense”. This project included painting, an installation featuring journalistic documentation, and a performance.

Gerardo K'ulej

Tsotsil, multidisciplinary artist

Gerado K’ulej’s residency focused on investigating the nexus between science and art, discovering profound connections between Maya science from the classical era and contemporary science. He also explored digital media in his artistic practice during this time.