Art residencies

The GaleMUY residency program is open to non- and indigenous artists, curators and critics committed to contemporary indigenous art and decolonial contemporary art. This program is divided into local and global residencies, with a focus on Maya/Zoque Chiapas culture.

Local residencies are based on agreements between the artist and GaleMUY, specifying the duration (one month or more), materials and workspace, responsibilities regarding GaleMUY’s operation, and a stipend which may take the form of purchasing an artwork for the collection. Since its inception in 2015, ten Maya/Zoque residents have participated. Learn more about the local residency aquí.

Global residencies (for Indigenous and non-Indigenous individuals) take place throughout the year, last for one month or more, and include workspace and accommodation, basic materials, and begins with a general introduction to Maya/Zoque Chiapanec art. The specific program of the residency is based on identified shared interests between the resident and the artists’ collective leading to artistic production and a concluding exhibition. The program entails dialogue, and possibly shared projects, with artists affiliated with GaleMUY. We mention here that, as Maya/Zoque art places great emphasis on interaction with particularly Maya/Zoque audiences, resident projects may include taking the form of artistic workshops in communities.. Learn more about global residents aquí.

GaleMUY also welcomes residents focusing on curatorial or critical practices. In such residency programs, relevant material includes the GaleMUY archive, which comprises a museum collection of over 150 works by Maya and Zoque masters, the exhibition history both within and outside Chiapas, and the possibility of creating original materials through interviews. This residency culminates in a physical or virtual exhibitions curated by the resident and MUY artists and curators.

Finally, individuals participating in the residency program will have the opportunity to engage thereafter in an informal network of individuals committed to contemporary indigenous art, through newsletters, occasional communications, and virtual events.


Local residents
Global residents