Global residents

Laura Zuccaro

Argentina, 1977

“I strive to compose images, or artifacts, which formally exist on the brink of abstraction, without fully reaching it, something akin to the concept of least common multiple and greatest common divisor, translated from mathematics to my field of action.

I create a space and build structures. A naked structure to be inhabited and yet not, a universal skeleton that is all skeletons or none, a framework for both open and obtuse vision. Perhaps a simple, straightforward architecture, where we can approach from our differences.”

Jesse Cohen

USA, 1985

During his residency at GaleMUY in 2021, Jesse completed his project, “TRANSFORMATORIO: The Story of the Woman Who Returned with the Birds.”

“The project consists of two parts: the first part is a map of drawings based on my dreams during the month I spent in the residency. These are exhibited on the gallery floor on fabric. The map contains key images representing the responses of my dreams to my questions. The second part is an instructional manual for a divination drawing game that also emerged from these dreams. The game is presented as a series of 17 books to be gifted to members of the Muy collective.”



Daiana Provenzano

Argentina, 1991

Daiana Provenzano is an actress, playwright, and filmmaker graduated from the National University of the Arts. She studied Communication Sciences at the University of Buenos Aires for three years, a tool that greatly supported many of her works, research, and her foray into improvisation. With Italian and indigenous Argentine descent, she grew up surrounded by a mixture of landscapes and communities characteristic of her neighborhood, which served as great inspiration for her works. In theater, she has participated in numerous plays, including “Doubles at Risk” and “0800 Solutions,” premiered at Micro Teatro Buenos Aires. She created “Meteorites,” a theatrical piece selected by the Goethe Institut Germany, and “Pieza Plástica,” a show in which she participated in the international tour Europe + America. During her residency at GaleMUY in 2021, Daiana, along with Zoque Saúl Kak, worked intensively with a group of women from El Rayón, Chiapas, in dance and performance.”


máscara de Daiana

Cristina Huarte

Spain, 1988

Cristina Huarte is a Spanish artist who explores the fragility of the human being and the ephemeral nature of life. Drawing and painting are her primary forms of expression, complemented by installation, performance, and video art. She seeks experiences that lead her to a space where the magic of generating images and words that weave poetry are in perfect communication. Her work has always been marked by an emotional projection aimed at healing the human wound and extracting the internal power capable of healing the rift. To delve into her work, one must penetrate the limits of the spirit, into what lies beyond the perceptible, into the ancestral symbols that invoke spirits and receive them through her perception.

She graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Salamanca in 2011. In 2019, she received the Artes & Letras Award, granted by the Heraldo de Aragón. Her current project “Kawsay” was presented at Caja Rural Aragón, which awarded her a grant to carry out an artist residency in the Sacred Valley of the Incas. She participated in the Kai Residence (Cuzco, Peru 2019-2021). Recently, she exhibited at JustMad with the work “Qantu” (Olga Julián Projects, Madrid 2021). In 2019, she exhibited at the ARCO Fair with a fragment of her work “Snippets” (Stand Gobierno de Aragón).

During her residency at GaleMUY in 2022, Cristina worked with Maya artists and a blacksmith from San Cristóbal in the elaboration of a sculpture and multimedia studies with the butterfly as her central theme.


Residentes externos
Cristina H. y equipo GaleMUY

Marilyn Boror Bor

Guatemala, 1984

Marilyn Boror Bor is a Maya-Kaqchikel artist who challenges patriarchy and racism through photography, painting, printmaking, installation, and performance.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from the University of San Carlos de Guatemala. Marilyn was a recipient of the Utopía Foundation scholarship (Spain, 2016) and received the Espira/La Espora Residency for Emerging Central American Artists scholarship. She has participated in residencies and conferences in the United States, Central America, Mexico, Germany, Chile, and Spain.

Her work has been exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Puerto Rico (San Juan), the Museum of Contemporary Art of Panama, the Reina Sofía Museum (Madrid), in Germany and the United States, and frequently in Guatemala, where she lives and works.

During her residency at GaleMUY in 2020, Marilyn worked intensively with PH Joel and other artists from MUY, focusing her project on the innovative use of clay and actively participating in theoretical-practical dialogues on contemporary art by indigenous creators.

Manuel Chavajay

Guatemala, 1984

Chavajay is a multidisciplinary artist working in painting, drawing, sculpture, video, and installation, addressing a decolonial critique and advocating for the reclamation and construction of contemporary Maya culture. He is of Maya Tz’utujil descent and resides and works in San Pedro La Laguna.

Between 2001 and 2009, he carried out environmental projects and interpretive trails around the Atitlán Lake basin. Currently, he is a promoter of contemporary art among Maya communities with Canal Cultural, an artists’ collective in San Pedro La Laguna. He graduated from the National School of Fine Arts, Rafael Rodríguez Padilla. He also studied art history at the Institute for Training and Development in Amherst, MA.

Since 2019, Chavajay has participated in numerous collective and solo exhibitions in Guatemala, Mexico, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, the United States, Scotland, Nicaragua, Brazil, the Czech Republic, China, Canada, and Mexico, including prominent events such as the SIART Bolivia Biennial, the CURITIVA BRAZIL Biennial, the Seventh Visual Arts Biennial of the Central American Isthmus (BAVIC), and the XVII and XVIII editions of the Paiz Art Biennial.

Francisco Huichaqueo

Chile, 1977

Huichaqueo, of Mapuche descent, is an artivist who engages in video art and visual multimedia, as well as being an academic and (non)curator:

“I am not a curator, I am Francisco who uses art as an empathic mechanism to show and express those things that concern indigenous rights, such as the agency of their heritage. Life transformed me into a different kind of curator, a word that didn’t suit me until a spiritual leader told me, ‘yes, you are a curator because you heal’… I embraced it as a mission.” (Huichaqueo at Laboratorio Arte Alameda, 2022).

Huichaqueo presented his work among Maya/Zoque artists and the general public at the GaleMUY Gallery, and worked extensively with the renowned Chamula artist, Maruch Méndez.