Slab tukut (Nahual of the woodpecker) | Antún Kojtom


Oil on paper
32.5 x 25 cm

“This artwork is a representation of a woodpecker that loves to steal corn seeds, especially during the sowing seasons or when the corn cobs start emerging. In my childhood, I always considered it as a nahual bird. Even though we took care of the cornfield or made noise, it always managed to enter like a ghost to take away the seeds.” – Antún Kojtom


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Antún Kojtom, a Maya/Tseltal artist, was born in Ch’ixaltontik, Tenejapa, Chiapas, Mexico, in 1969. With over 30 years of practicing his craft and showcasing his works in Mexico, Europe, and the United States, he has promoted art among young indigenous and non-indigenous people through the “Maya Graphics” workshop. In addition to being an engraver, he is an illustrator, painter, and muralist with many pieces in Chiapas. Learn more.

Dimensions 37.5 × 30 × 5 cm