Mayan/Tsotsil artist

Yabteclum, Chenalhó, Chiapas, 1989.

Like the wind in the cosmos to which his artistic name alludes (Dyg’ (iik), air, wind; nojoch, great, the whole, the cosmos), Dyg’nojoch, a muralist, moves through the community, shaping the urban reality through his art. His colorful work, which includes illustration and graffiti, as well as tattoo art, presents a spiritual theme, in which the struggle and identity of indigenous peoples is mixed with environmental concerns such as the exploitation of natural resources. In his drawings, his flora and fauna are found through colorful and organic Mayan symbology, with which he gives voice to his own memories.

Dyg’nojoch’s urban art tends to convert collective space. Beyond the aesthetic or decorative value, his murals speak of the daily problems of the people close to him, who are at the same time his audience. Hence also the predilection for public places, where “everyone sees it: young and old, poor and rich.” His murals can be found on the banks of San Cristóbal de las Casas, in a research center or a university.

Dyg’nojoch’s role as a generator of urban culture has arrived to Galería MUY, where in 2018 he transformed the space with the Mayan Contemporary Mural. Here we find the artist inspired by Mayan glyphs and images, whose ancestral worldview is reunited with his contemporary heirs through urban art. As the artist Rodrigo Cervantes points out, “Dyg’nojoch becomes a chronicler and a witness, and continues the traditions of his ancestors by portraying and bringing to the present day stories that we should never forget, thus becoming what all artists should be: weavers of stories.”

  • Co-Founder of GAM (Graffiti/Arte/Mural).
  • His murals can be found in Acteal, Kexalucum, Chitamukum, Altamirano, Ocosingo, Comitán, Tuxtla and Tapachula.


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Reincarnation (2020)

Expansion (2020)

Flutter (2020)

Untitled, Vertical explosion (2021)

Artworks from Dyg'nojoch's catalogue