Gerardo K'ulej

Mayan/Tsotsil artist

G. K'ulej

Huixtán, Chiapas, México 1988.

Gerardo K’ulej (Gerardo Alfredo Culej Vazquez), generative, multidisciplinary artist and a student of science. He explores his contemporary Tsotsil identity, among the multi-tensions with the Lum-glogal (global world): and defines his art as abstract bio-Mayan, “My art is not derived only by science or Mayan symbolism, but more good for my sensitivity as a Mayan artist.

His creative process developes in three states: solid (the creation of inert objects, sculptures positioned in space), liquid (kinetic works in a space-time level) and hyper-liquid (generative art).

For him, “the appropriation of technological resources is the path for intercultural transformation, a way of articulating the futuristic Mayan-Tsotsil vision and the possibility of dismantling mechanisms or objects foreign to it, such as communication devices both visual and auditory”.

Art transgresses borders and transcends cultures.

In 2016, he had his first exhibition, “Yik’al Xojobal” (Abstract Art). In 2017 he held his first residency at Galería MUY, concluding in an exhibition titled “Science and spirituality in Mayan visual art”. Since then he has participated in different artistic group projects, making visible the quality of contemporary Mayan/Zoque art and its social relationship.


Artworks from Gerardo K'ulej's catalogue