In six years of organizing 30 exhibitions, with Mayan and Zoque artists, six thematic fields emerge as clear indications of where contemporary Mayan/Zoque art from Chiapas is going.

Needless to say, these fields have no absolute boundaries; on the contrary, there is a lot of “osmosis” and in fact the fields can be understood to be in dialogue with each other.

With the emphasis on the contemporary in the art produced by these artists, both media and content are emphasized. There is interest in new media – video art, performance, textile art – and in issues of social relevance (ecology, gender relations, etc.), with emphasis on a processual and relational art in which the viewer contributes to the work, understood not only as an art object but as a totalizing aesthetic and symbolic experience.



Desastres Naturales

Natural Disasters

In recent years, Mayan and Zoque artists at the MUY Gallery have dedicated their creativity to explore crises that affect their peoples.

Ixchel Serie Tejidos del chulel


For Maya/Zoque artists, decoloniality refers to power and thought. There is a desire to change the way others see us by exploring and giving importance to how we see ourselves.

Afirmación de Territorios M/Z

Affirmation of M/Z Territories

For native peoples, territory is primarily geographical, but their territories are also defined in other registers: by their political community and their culture.

Relaciones de género

Gender relations

Now the four women artists who exhibit at the MUY Gallery break down barriers and open up the aesthetic experience to everyone.

Experimentos en diálogos interculturales

Experiments in intercultural dialogues

Although the MUY is a space dedicated to the art of Mayan and Zoque artists from Chiapas, there have been experiences of creation and exhibition of works between these artists and others.