Skuxlejal antsetik (Life of women)

Five women, creators of art, (a) tackle the issues that weigh down and lift the women of the Tsotsil-Maya and Zoque-speaking communities of Chiapas, Mexico. The image of the braid comes to mind; with lines of argument (1) socialization and repression, (2) the strangely liberating autonomy of feminine spaces in traditional cultures and (3) the new construction of the original woman, as expressed in art and in life.
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Bles my way

Bless my way Artistic project of Abraham Gómez, we proudly present “Bless my way”, a new series of photographs taken by Abraham Gómez Vázquez (Ichinton, Chamula, 1977). Based on his dual practice as a photographer-artist and vehicle sales consultant (at…
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Painting childhood memories

Painting childhood memories We were amazed by the precise and beautiful technique of the painter Raymundo López (San Andrés Larráinzar, Chiapas; 1989). As a colleague of his said, “you don’t finish learning the technique at school” since it is talented…
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